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We are passionate about education, people, and nature!

We want to facilitate an inspiring outdoors experience for our learners, to share with them the beauty of the jungle, and to help foster an appreciation of living with and in nature.


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Your group is unique with its own learning needs and experience expectations. Therefore, we build our retreat itineraries based on your desired outcome, whether it’s the learning objectives of your school’s curriculum or the goals of your company’s teams. We can also help you determine which activities might best meet your objectives.

Some of the activities that we offer include:

  • Community service

  • Team building and leadership skills

  • Making firebreaks (depending on the season) and learning about the relationship of the seasons

  • Making water swales (depending on the season) and learning about the relationship of the seasons

  • Taking a boat across the Mae Kuang Dam and learning about water levels

  • Building a dam and learning about water relationships in the village

  • Cooking skills

  • Creating a nursery

  • Planting and mulching

  • Basic survival skills

  • Making a compost pile, insect repellant, liquid fertilizer

  • Trekking in the jungle

  • Learning about local plants and herbs

  • Planting trees, vegetables, flowers, herbs

  • Creating raised flower and vegetable beds

  • Work with bamboo and natural construction

  • Making mud bricks

  • Testing soil

  • Creating interdependent systems in a community

  • Developing recycling systems

  • Basic camping skills

  • Night treks

  • Forest observations

Jungle Living Certificates
Jungle Living Certificates
Raised beds
Raised beds
Building a fort
Building a fort
Making mud bricks
Making mud bricks
On the dam
On the dam
Getting ready for cucumbers
Getting ready for cucumbers

If you would like to discuss how we can accommodate your school or company group or for possible itineraries to suit your needs, please contact us.