Pa Pong, Hammocks, and the Indomitable Spirit

We decided that hammocks would be a great addition to our upper sala at the Jungle Home and so we went to visit Pa Pong. He hand-makes his colourful hammocks with recycled materials from a factory; materials that would otherwise be thrown out. He is able to make three hammocks every two days.

Pa Pong wasn't always a hammock-maker however. In fact he only got into the business when eight months ago he was struck by a car, leaving him unable to walk or to work in his regular job. Nevertheless, he was determined to find a way to help out his family. As a result, he drew on the skills of hammock-making from his mandatory days in the army many years ago.

You can find Pa Pong's wonderful recycled hammocks in the Sa Pa Yang market in Mae Tang - or when you come to visit and relax at the Jungle Home!

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