Finance in the Jungle

A few weeks ago if you came by the Jungle Home, you would hear many sounds from its surroundings: birds chirping, frogs urking, water flowing, trees rustling, and numbers being crunched. Many people who come to the Jungle Home are here for holidays and will eventually return to their home countries. Every now and then we get nomads like Andrew Hallam and his wife Pele Hallam Young. Andrew is the author of “Millionaire Teacher” and more recently “The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing”. For those of you who are expats, that is to say your home country is not your country of birth, this may be a resource worth noting. Andrew and Pele were teachers until a few years ago when they had ‘met their financial mark’ and retired early. Now they roam the globe and give talks, mostly to expats, about financial planning, determining an appropriate nest egg needed for retirement, and avoiding some of the more questionable financial packages and 'advisors' out there. So if you are looking to couple your adventure in the jungle with some solid financial reading, you might want to check out “Millionaire Teacher” or “The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing” if you are (or planning to be) an expat. Andrew also has a website with lots of useful tips. You can visit it at:

Chiang Mai and Pai are some of Andrew and Pele's favourite places to visit and we hope to see them back again soon!

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