Community Service with CIS

Part of our goal at CME is to work with student groups and to organize meaningful community service trips. We look for real needs in the community and propose them to visiting school groups. This is also part of the mission of many schools as they travel abroad.

Recently Grade 8 students from CIS came for a visit and wanted to do different service activities. The first was working in the vast jungle surrounding Pasak Ngam, creating fire breaks. This is a labursome and dirty job. Locals from the village regularly volunteer but it is a very time-consuming task and any extra help is welcome, especially now during the burning season.

The second activity requested by the local school was the painting of an inspiring mural for its 25 primary school children. We were so impressed with the students' motivation, work ethic, determination and the final product. It's amazing what can be accomplished in a day!

Thank you to CIS, to its teachers and students, for giving of their time. There are a lot of ways we can spend our time and trips and we appreciate that you spent some of yours helping others.

#communityservice #PasakNgam

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