We'd like to say thanks to everyone who took (and is taking) the time to write testimonials and give us feedback. Testimonials are really useful for us as a small company to give us credibility for potential guests who are doing their research - usually from abroad - and helps broaden who we are through the eyes of the people we meet.

He is punctual, polite and I couldn't have felt more safe. Being elderly, he made sure that I never took a stumble or slipped. He paced the walks perfectly and constantly checked I was ok. His knowledge of the surroundings and the local people made the tour informative and interesting. His love for the outdoors is contagious! Chai is a happy person and makes a wonderful tour guide. He is easy to speak to and never tired of answering my many many questions!

-Utta Macdonald, South Africa, January 27, 2016

I was visiting the Prem International School and one of the teachers organised for me to spend a few days touring the area with Chai. He was very flexible and patient, and not having any real idea of what there was to see or do, I trusted Chai to come up with an itinerary. He took me to see temples, a typical Thai lunch, and then the night market in Chiang Mai where he let me amble at my own pace. The following day we went into the mountains and countryside, stopping in the rice paddies along the way. He was very knowledgeable on the history of this region of Thailand, and his pride for the local environment and culture makes added to a very special day out.  (I even got to meet his beautiful dog as a bonus!) Equally Chai does more adventurous tours - and I imagine those are particularly memorable too! For strangers visiting this exotic part of the world, Chai is a wonderfully reassuring and hospitable host.


– Mary, UK, December 12, 2015

Great place to get away from it all. Lovely scenery, very peaceful, and a great little house to stay in.

-Lindsay Stevenson, Chiang Mai, March 24, 2015

I can not say enough how highly I recommend this stay-cation. Most of us go on vacation seeking an elusive combination of adventure, relaxation, fun, and authenticity. Jungle Home Chiang Mai may be the one spot on the planet this is achievable. The rural location and surrounding jungle offer gorgeous wildlife encounters and nature treks. And, the small village only a half hour hike away is about as authentic as it gets. Slurp noodles and chat in broken Thai/English with locals, then grab a Chang and head home to soak in your own private waterfall! My boyfriend and I stayed for three weeks, and the relaxation and sense completeness have never left us. The rustic accommodations and truly in-the-jungle setting are not for the pampered or faint of heart, but if you are seeking a complete escape from it all, and a true feeling of independence and immersion, this place is the place to do it.

-Margaret Fielder, US, March 3, 2015

From past guests

Thanks SOOOOOO SO much to Chai for an absolutely fabulous time!  It was wonderful to be shown around the beautiful area of Mae Taeng. Chai was amazing at organizing everything - it made for a totally stress free and hassle free weekend!  Chai was super friendly, knowledgeable, easy going and fun to be with... we want to adopt him ... ha ha!!

-Kirsty Green, NZ,  Feb, 2016